The Navajo Nation Airport System is comprised of six airports included in the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS); likewise, 10 non-NPIAS airports are also spread across the boundaries of the Navajo Nation, which extends over three FAA regions (Western-Pacific, Southwest, and Northwest Mountain) and three states (Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah). These airports are essential to the Navajo Nation in many ways; they provide vital medical evacuation services, governmental transportation, airlift supplies during severe weather, and increase economic and tourism opportunities across the Nation.

These airports currently offer varying levels of facilities and services and are in an array of diverse physical conditions. In order to provide safe and efficient airport facilities and services, and to identify and prioritize the capital, operational, and maintenance investments, the Navajo Nation has authorized the development of the Navajo Nation Airport System Master Plan (NNASMP) The primary purpose of this program study is to identify and prioritize the improvements needed to enhance and improve safety and existing operating conditions at the Nation's primary airports and produce a working document that will offer guidance to the Nation's airport capital improvement program. The NNASMP will help enable the Navajo Nation to secure funding for much needed improvements at the Navajo Nation airports. This comprehensive study of several of the Nation's airports is being led by Navajo D.O.T.

Three Arizona airports, Chinle Municipal, Tuba City and Window Rock and two New Mexico airports, Crownpoint and Shiprock Airstrip will be studied and analyzed as part of the NNASMP. The major stages in the process to develop the plan include an inventory and an assessment of needs of the study airports, followed by the recommended development, capital improvement, financial feasibility, and airport layout plans, and a grant program guidebook.

An extensive public outreach program will provide the Navajo Nation and the local Chapters an opportunity to participate in the NNASMP process.The public outreach program will encourage information sharing and collaboration among the Navajo Nation, airport users and tenants, resource agencies, elected and appointed public officials, community members, and the general public. Several Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) and Chapter House workshops are planned over the course of program study.

All current information for each of the airports in the NNASMP, the public outreach component of the program, all frequently asked questions and contact information, and working and final documants can be found on this website.

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